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In 2009 and 2010 Southend Fringe has had a whole series of music events at a whole host of music venues. Some events are covered on this site. Check out the Riga and Ship sections of this site. Also look for the Gallery of Images from some of the fringe gigs on If you have pictures of gigs from The Kursaal, Alex, Cricketers, Railway Hotel, Scamps, White Horse or Zhivago's and would like to see them included on this site please contact Southend Sites. If you have any stories of gigs over the last 30 years send them to Southend Sites and we will try to include them on this site. To look at some previous ones click here. If there is any new feature you would like to suggest please contact. If there is any live venue who would like to included and has a website please also contact. The policy of this site is to give preference to bands who write there own material in both coverage and event listing. There is an ever shifting set of music venues in the town of Southend.The Edwardian era Palace Theatre is a grade II listed building built in 1912. Due to financial troubles the theatre is sometime closed. It does host from to time music shows. The Cliffs Pavilion is a larger building and is able to host large scale musical concerts from national tours. Chinnerys is the small club with best sound. It has had bands like the Arctic Monkeys play there, so it is a good place to see band on the up before they get big. The Railway Hotel is making a real effort to get cool bands to play there and is worth keeping an eye on. Riga Club has a few too many tribute acts for my taste but I guess that it is what it's punters want. WG

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