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Welcome to Southend Rock. This site aims to provide a definitive resource on the rich musical history of Southend on Sea, and to simultaneously illustrate the illustrious (and not-so-illustrious!) venues that have given outlet to the varied range of bands that have played them. These include not only the vast array of indigenous bands but also those national and international artists whom have also played in Southend.

So, with everything from seminal venues such as the Kursaal, Queens Hotel and Crocs (later known as the Pink Toothbrush) through the mid-range places such as Zero 6, The Palace Theatre and Scamps, to the spit and sawdust emporiums such as The Top Alex, The Grand Hotel and Reids, this site will encompass everywhere that gave host to riotous nights of Rock and Roll mayhem, sensitive, emotionally wracked singer-songwriter performances, and sometimes just the plain bizarre!

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